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Nobility Reigns Year In Review: 2021

Nobility Reigns Year In Review: 2021

Nobility Reigns does what we can to show appreciation for our staff that work day in and day out providing the best care to our clients. We strive to ensure that our employees know they are appreciated, valued, and respected year round!

2021 was a fantastic year for Nobility Reigns and our staff!

  • February: Staff received a Valentine’s Day gift.

  • March: Staff received a lottery ticket and a card wishing them luck!

  • July: Staff were given the chance to pick up a pair of Nobility Reigns sandals.

  • September: Staff were given the opportunity to sign up for a surprise back-to-school box for their children. The boxes were loaded with everything students would need.

  • October: Staff received goodie bags with a portable phone charger, popsocket, notepad and pens, and candy!

  • December: For Christmas, all Nobility Reigns staff received an awesome and cozy Nobility Reigns branded sweatshirt.

Nobility Reigns clients also had a fantastic year! A few of the activities all of our programs did together throughout the year were: bowling get togethers, going to Mulberry Farm in the fall, a Halloween Party and enjoyed a bonfire, a Thanksgiving celebration/dinner, and they enjoyed opening Christmas presents in December!

2021 Appreciation Challenge Winners:

Nobility Reigns employees were encouraged to vote for their peer(s) when their performance went above and beyond. Nobility Reigns staff recognized fellow teammates Wendy, Karen, and Cristal for a job well done in 2021!

2021 Digital Badge Program:

Digital badges are an indicator of our Direct Support Coordinators’ accomplishments and job performance. They can earn badges by completing different requirements and earning badges. In return, those employees who meet certain tiers are rewarded with a bonus at the end of the year. Staff Rose earned 7 digital badges during 2021 and received a $500.00 bonus!

Wage Increases for Direct Support Coordinators in 2021!:

Nobility Reigns is also striving to provide the best wages we can for our employees.

  • Nobility Reigns increased Starting Wages from $12/hr. to $13/hr. in June 2021.

  • Nobility Reigns then increased Starting Wages again in November 2021 from $13/hr. to $14/hr.

Exciting news for 2022:

  • Nobility Reigns is proud to announce we have broken ground on our newest facility, Chivalry Castle, with a completion date of Summer 2022. Chivalry Castle will be an 8-bed CBRF group home that will be able to care for adults with special needs in Kaukauna.

  • On top of the two wage increases for Direct Support Coordinators in 2021, Nobility Reigns will be increasing wages from $14/hr. to $15/hr. starting February 2022!

  • Nobility Reigns is determined to provide additional benefits to our employees as the company grows. Starting March 2022, Nobility Reigns is providing employees with both Dental and Vision Insurance! This is on top of the earned Vacation time, earned Sick time, 401K with company contribution, and Paid leave for birthing/non-birthing parents benefits that our employees already receive!

We are excited to see where the rest of 2022 takes Nobility Reigns!

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