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Samantha Petersen
Chief Operating Officer

My name is Samantha Petersen.  I'm the Chief Operating Officer for Nobility Reigns and I oversee all programs of Nobility Reigns.  I have been working for Nobility Reigns since the end of May 2016 and I find myself very fortunate to be able to say that I have found my dream job.  I now have 13.5 years of experience working in many adult family homes with individuals who’ve been diagnosed with various physical and developmental disabilities and mental health concerns.  Since I stepped foot in the first group home I worked at, I have always strived to improve the lives of others and to help them be the best they could be in all aspects of their lives. 


I’ve always devoted myself to helping others in any way I could and putting a smile on their faces.  I also have experience working in Alcohol and other Drug Abuse Treatment centers, with children with developmental disabilities, and with children at a day care in Chile. 


I have a degree in Vocational Rehabilitation with concentrations in Substance Abuse Counseling and Psychiatric Rehabilitation from the University of Wisconsin - Stout.  I have minors in both Psychology and Spanish. I am currently enrolled in a Masters program for Social Work at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater. I will graduate in May, 2025.

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Monica Gutierrez
Executive Coordinator

I am Monica, honored to serve as the Executive Coordinator at Nobility Reigns. In this pivotal role, I take pride in overseeing the day-to-day operations of our exceptional Program Coordinators, providing unwavering support and guidance to ensure the success of our programs.

With a profound commitment to making a positive impact, I bring extensive experience and a deep passion to my work with adults facing developmental and cognitive disabilities. As an Executive Coordinator, I lead by example, cultivating a compassionate and inclusive environment for both my dedicated team and our cherished clients.

Guided by the principles of empathy and understanding, I am committed to providing exceptional care that transcends the ordinary. At Nobility Reigns, we prioritize not only the well-being but also the personal growth and fulfillment of our residents. Our team works tirelessly each day to create a supportive community where individuals can thrive, overcoming challenges with resilience and determination.

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Fred Grubofski
Maintenance Coordinator

I'm Fred Grubofski, and I possess a natural knack for craftsmanship and a proficiency with my hands. Entrust me with the responsibility, and I guarantee to maintain the timeless beauty of our programs just as it looked on the day it was built.

Whether it's tackling intricate indoor repairs or handling outdoor tasks, no job is too daunting or insignificant for me. I approach every project with dedication and precision, ensuring that our living space remains both aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound.

Your home deserves meticulous care, and I am committed to delivering excellence in every task, big or small.


Maria Lopez Larucci
Senior Coordinator

Hello! My name is Maria. I oversee all the programs here at Nobility Reigns. 

 It is my responsibility to make sure that all is running smoothly. I strive to utilize an empathetic approach to healthcare, to provide the best support, and devotion to those in my care and the world around me.  


I have a degree in Democracy and Justice Studies with an Emphasis in Legal Studies with the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay, as well as seven independent certificates with FEMA for Emergency Management, and another five with Homeland Security for related emergency management and security topics.


It is my goal to combine my education, experience, and compassion to provide service to others so that they may live their lives securely, with dignity and peace. 

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Amber Sobiek
Program Coordinator

I am Amber, the dedicated Managing Coordinator of the day-to-day operations at Chivalry Castle, a nurturing 8-bed CBRF facility nestled in the heart of Kaukauna, Wisconsin, with Nobility Reigns.


With a profound commitment to making a positive impact, I bring extensive experience and unwavering passion to my work with adults facing developmental and cognitive disabilities.


In my role, I lead by example, fostering a compassionate and inclusive environment for both my dedicated team and our cherished clients. Guided by the principles of empathy and understanding, I am committed to providing exceptional care that goes beyond the ordinary.

At Chivalry Castle, we prioritize not just the well-being but also the personal growth and fulfillment of our residents. Each day, our team works tirelessly to create a supportive community where individuals can thrive, regardless of the challenges they may face.


If you have any inquiries, seek more information, or wish to explore the unique and enriching environment we've cultivated at Chivalry Castle, please do not hesitate to reach out. Your curiosity is welcomed, and I am here to provide any assistance you may require.

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Dawn McAbee
Program Coordinator

My name is Dawn McAbee, and I am thrilled to introduce myself as the Program Coordinator for Lion’s Keep. I am excited to be part of such a dedicated and passionate team.


With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare field, I have had the privilege of working with individuals facing significant disabilities and behaviors. My journey includes roles as a heart monitor tech, critical care tech, and Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in both hospital and nursing home settings. Moreover, I have accumulated 15 years of valuable experience managing group homes and apartment settings.


Throughout my career, my commitment to the well-being of our clients and the success of my teams has been unwavering. I have been fortunate to receive several plaques and awards from previous positions, recognizing my dedication, leadership, and positive impact on the lives of the individuals we serve.


As a supervisor, I have always prioritized collaboration and teamwork. Together with my teams, we have strived to provide the highest quality of life for our clients. Flexibility in our approach and building trust with both clients and team members have been fundamental principles guiding our work.


I am eager to bring my experiences and commitment to Nobility Reigns and contribute to the continued success of Lion’s Keep. I look forward to working collaboratively with each of you to ensure the best possible support and care for our clients.

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Tonya Rousseau
Program Coordinator

My name is Tonya, Program Coordinator at Todd’s Adult Family Home and the Supportive Apartment Program.


I bring with me two decades of experience in various healthcare domains, including medication administration, adult/elderly and adolescent care, mental health care, and memory care.


I want to emphasize the importance of open communication. I value your input and welcome fresh ideas that will only enhance the exceptional care provided at TAFH/SAP. Let's collaborate to ensure every task, from shift responsibilities and cleaning duties to accurate documentation, client care, and preserving our clients’ individuality and privacy while receiving the attention and completion it deserves.


I am enthusiastic about developing our professional relationships to continue providing top-notch care while maintaining an unparalleled level of cohesion within our team.

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Julissa Balderas
Program Coordinator

I am Julissa, currently serving as the Program Coordinator at Guinevere’s Keep, an esteemed residence nestled in Little Chute. In my capacity, I am responsible for the day-to-day management of this charming 4-bed facility.


Drawing upon my extensive background in the healthcare industry, I bring 8 years of experience as a caregiver, including 2 years dedicated to working with individuals grappling with mental illnesses and disabilities. My academic foundation includes a degree in Human Services from Northcentral Technical College.

My professional journey has fueled a profound commitment to aiding others, particularly adults confronting developmental and cognitive disabilities. Within my leadership role, I exemplify a dedication to fostering kindness and equality, ensuring that each individual is treated with the utmost respect. I am steadfast in my belief that a serene and uplifting environment is essential for our exceptional clients and team.

At Nobility Reigns, I strive to leverage my strengths to enhance the lives of both clients and colleagues. My approach is characterized by a genuine heart, and I am resolute in my endeavor to positively impact the lives of those within my sphere. I am enthusiastic about the opportunities that lie ahead at Nobility Reigns and am eager to provide any necessary assistance.

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Damian Selig
Program Coordinator

I am Damian Selig, Program Coordinator of Majestic Inn. I bring to this role an extensive educational background, holding a master’s degree in psychology, a bachelor’s degree in information systems, and an associate degree in information technologies.


My professional journey has been enriched by significant experience in the field of Mental Health, garnered during my employment within this industry. Additionally, I have had the privilege of honing my leadership skills through management roles where I oversaw departments comprising up to 80 individuals.


Fostering a culture of collaboration and open communication is paramount to me. I firmly believe in the power of teamwork to drive excellence in care delivery. I am honored to be part of a company with a sterling reputation for providing exceptional service to our clients.

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