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September Bowling Bash!

Strike, Spare, Turkey!

Nobility Reigns clients and staff had a exciting day bowling! Community activities play a vital role in our clients overall happiness and their socialization. REV's Bar and Grill was the perfect place to spend the day. REV's staff was helpful and was there to assist with any questions we had. The clients and staff enjoyed lunch prepared by REV's while engaging with one another.

Below are a few statements that clients had said after bowling today:

AnnaMae stated "Bowling was fun, I had many spares!"

Laura stated "I enjoyed everything today, bowling was fun."

Sandra stated "The food was good, my cheeseburger was hot. I cheered everyone on from the chair!"

Nobility Reigns and the clients are already looking forward to more activities that are planned for the fall. Upcoming, we hope to have a trip to get pumpkins for Halloween!

Nobility Reigns

916 S. Daybreak Drive

Appleton, WI 54915

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Membre inconnu
19 oct. 2021

I love seeing the clients at events they enjoy! 😁

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