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Company Culture, and Boy Do We Have It!

Updated: May 22, 2021

Appreciation Challenge

What sets us apart from other caregiving companies? APPRECIATION! Nobility Reigns understands and values the importance of each and every caregiver and the vital role they play in our company’s success and our clients' happiness. Without the best caregivers, we simply cannot achieve our goals to exceed caregiving standards at each of our Adult Family Homes.

Company Culture – Nobility Reigns prides itself in providing top notch care for our clients. This also reflects on our expectations for working conditions for our employees. All homes are beautifully designed for the utmost comfort, many with upgrades or brand-new construction! Each program is cleaned and maintained in top condition for the best functionality for our staff and provide a welcoming atmosphere. Partake in activities with our clients without spending money out of your pocket. When you attend a sporting event, see a movie, or go out eat, know your admittance will be paid for, so you can join in on the fun! All programs are smart homes utilizing Alexa to provide reminders of appointments, tasks, and simply to remind you how important and incredible you are! Utilize our smart technology to help you do your job to the best of your ability and with ease! Come to work each day and be proud of where you work!

Communication – Every employee is provided with a company email. This is utilized to keep everyone up to date on important information company wide or at the employee’s individual program. Communication is KEY to success and the door is always open. A 24/7 staffed company may not always have management present; however, Nobility Reigns ensures staff are always able to communicate with a member of management. Your company email is a great resource to connect not only with management, but with other staff throughout the company. Connect with staff at other programs to coordinate fun community activities and enjoy them together!

Nobility Reigns is so much more than just a job. It is a place to feel the satisfaction of helping others live their best life! Come and simply “have fun” with our clients, get out in the community and participate in many activities all while getting paid to do so. Here you will feel IMPORTANT, VALUED, and APPRECIATED for everything that you do day in and day out. It’s our staff’s dedication that contributes to our success!

Staff Appreciation Challenge – Nobility Reigns regularly runs Staff Appreciation Challenges to provide recognition to those caregivers that go above and beyond in their role each day. This challenge is strictly open to Direct Support Staff both to vote and win. Members of management are unable to vote or be voted for. Nominate your peers once per day for the duration of the challenge to win a bonus/prize!

Badge Program – Why not be rewarded for playing an active role at your job? Nobility Reigns has badges all Direct Support Staff can earn throughout the year! As you earn more badges, your cash bonus numbers increase! Take on the challenge of extra tasks, some as simple as signing up for our website all the way to helping out by picking up shifts last minute. These are bonuses you do NOT want to miss!! Earn up to an additional $900 simply for doing your job! Who wouldn’t love to start the new year with an extra $900?

Holiday Recognition – Nobility Reigns is a 24/7 staffed company. Working Holidays are just a part of the caregiving experience. Each Holiday, Nobility Reigns Management Team like to spread the joy and celebration by providing Holiday themed cards and treats to Direct Support Staff. And this is not just on Christmas! Nobility Reigns recognizes many Holidays throughout the year and loves to celebrate them all with the Nobility Reigns Family!

Digital Signage – Nobility Reigns has implemented digital signage in each of its programs strictly dedicated to our staff. This signage is geared toward making our company culture feel more like home.

· Employee pictures

· Spotlights milestones such as birthdays and anniversaries

· Provides vital information

· Celebrates Staff Appreciation Challenge winners

· And so much more!

Nobility Reigns has 5 programs and, although you may not work alongside your peers at other programs, everyone is a TEAM. Our digital signage helps connect staff, celebrate from afar, and keep up to date on the latest company news!

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