General Services

Leisure Activities
Clients can be involved in a program of daily activities designed to meet the individual interests of the clients. The staff are responsible for the supervision of all leisure activities provided by the company. The types of activities will vary according to client preference. While all clients will be encouraged to take full advantage of all the leisure services available to them, they do also have the right to refuse to participate without prejudice.
Community Activities
Community based activities are utilized whenever possible, with clients being an integral part of the planning. Being involved and committed to community activities helps with identity exploration while also creating an opportunity for acceptance from peers who have common interests.
Family Contacts
All clients will be encouraged to maintain healthy contact with family members and, if necessary, staff will assist clients in making those contacts.
Transportation is available to clients through the city bus, specialized medical transport, and private automobiles, if available. Staff will provide or arrange for needed transportation for medical appointments and for a reasonable number of community activities of interest to clients.
Health Monitoring
If any medical attention is required, the staff who monitor any health concerns, will arrange it with their primary physician. At least annually, each client shall receive a follow-up examination.
Medical Services
The program will ensure that there are written physician's orders for any nursing care, medications, rehabilitation services, or therapeutic diets, which are arranged for or provided by the program by a prescribing physician.
Advance Directives
The program staff will provide prompt and adequate treatment consistent with any clients' advance directive(s).
Medication Assistance
Medications are secured in locked storage and are under supervision, per the directions of the physician. The staff will supervise the taking of all prescription and over the counter drugs, which are carefully labeled and stored.
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